Dreams Betwixt Walls

The Lion, the Witch, or the Orb Loc

Fleeing the Castle that resembled the Bathyscape Manor and its Guest, our Fools must now find an Orb Loc for safety upon Archibald the rabbit’s urging.

Will they brave the Carpathian Mountains to the North, or will they hope to lose their pursuer in the gardens to the South? 

Into the woods Vidar and Vera accompany Ilya, their daughter and the others, hoping to find a place they can deem sanctuary. Lead by Archie, Ilya’s rabbit which has now become bipedal and intelligent, the gathered find themselves moving deep into the woods and meeting its strange denizens. A great Catterpillar is found, smoking its pipe, as it offers information on where to go next. Its instructions enigmatic and its interests strange, the Catterpillar only agrees to be of assistance after Vidar offers it some of his fine tobacco.

Soon the group navigates a massive garden, climbs a tree to see their destination, and makes there way to what may be the location of the Orb Loc.

However, back in the real world, a Jesuit priest named Geoff and another Alyss named Mava find themselves drawn as well to the world behind the mirror. Initially hoping to find the missing worker and his son who never reemerged from Vera’s home (the man who delivered the mirror), the two soon find themselves an audience to reflections with a mind of their own. And when they cross to the other side, a world of fear, insanity and strange eccentric abandon.

Ilya.jpgVidar, Vera, and Ilya eventually meet a kind old witch who lived in a hut, and Vera attempted to charm her way into subtly intimidating the woman to help them. The woman, however, it seems has her own secrets given her concern over Ilya and her familiarity with Vera. When the hosts of threats descend upon them, the witch and the others fight for their lives to keep the vampires from overwhelming them. But it is Ilya, who somehow learns and is able to steer the mobile hut, who carries them away from the threats and crashes them into the vicinity of the Orb Loc. There, while the group nurses their injuries and recovers from their ordeal, is where Geoff and Mava eventually find them and gather as a single group.

Original blog post by Tobie Abad!

Welcoming the Guest

The Bathyscape Manor, the Quiet Side


  • The Transylvanian Mirror, fabled for its dwarven design and its rumored magics, arrives after Vera wins it from an auction.
  • Vera calls her daughter Ilya to marvel at the new mirror.
  • Ilya is uncomfortable around mirrors; this one especially so.
  • Archibald VII panics at the sight of the mirror and leaps from Ilya’s hands.
  • Archibald VII tries to head straight through the mirror and bumps his head.
  • Nikolai tries to get the rabbit, but it runs away so he gives chase.
  • No one notices that Archibald did not cast a reflection.
  • Martha arrives at the manor to tutor Ilya and Hatta.
  • Hatta is already in the Ilya’s room as the story begins.
  • The delivery man and his son overstay their welcome as they wait for their tip.
  • Vera climbs the stairs and finds Vidar, her husband, in his workshop.
  • Vidar gives her some unworked ore for tipping.
  • Vera exchanges the ore with Martha’s 3 shillings.
  • The delivery man’s kid (Martin) breaks a vase by accident.
  • Vera convinces the man to let Martin stay until sundown.
  • Archibald VII steals Ilya’s pocket watch just before she places him in his cage.
  • Martha brings out a book from the library.
  • The book talks about the life of Elizabeth Bathyscape, who owned the Bathyscape manor one century earlier.
  • Insert “bathed in the blood of virgins” here.
  • Elizabeth Bathyscape was sentenced to death by starvation.
  • She was chained to a wall, and the entrance was bricked up.
  • Her chained remains still hidden in this home.
  • Ilya notices Archibald leaving her room. He was holding her pocketwatch.
  • Ilya chases Archibald to the hedge maze outside.
  • Martha, Hatta, and Martin follow Ilya.
  • Vera shows the mirror to Vidar.
  • “Marriage of dwarven craftsmanship and magical ingenuity” is lost on Vidar.
  • Vidar storms back to his study to find his hammer. The mirror must be destroyed.
  • Ilya, alone with the mirror, realizes that her reflection is communicating with her.
  • She puts her hand in the mirror and realizes that she can walk through.
  • She enters and opens the door on the other side. Her house is bigger.
  • Vidar is distracted on the way back to the mirror by the commotion outside.
  • Ilya sees her Archibald VII leap into a hole in the hedge. She leaps after the rabbit.
  • Hatta tries to catch Ilya as she falls into the hole but only manages to grab her shoe.
  • Vidar arrives in the hedge, and Hatta, Martha, and Martin struggle to explain what happened.
  • Vidar concludes withcery and proceeds back into the manor to destroy the mirror, as he originally intended.
  • Hatta’s fear of the unknown is overcome by the Ilya’s need. With Martin providing the rope, he goes down to the unknown.
  • Martha follows to protect her students.
  • Vidar return to see Vera inside the Transylvanian Mirror.
  • Vidar strikes the mirror with his hammer, but it sticks as it is slowly absorbed by its reflection.
  • Vera moves through back to the Right Side to reason with Vidar.
  • Vidar pulls the mirror down to the floor.
  • It doesn’t break.
  • Vidar tells Vera that Ilya is missing.
  • Vera convinces Vidar to jump into the mirror to find their daughter.
  • Vidar reluctantly agrees to go into the mirror.
  • Vera instructs Nikolai to lock down the manor.
  • The couple jumps into the unknown.

The Card Castle, the War Side

Eventually, the two chance upon Ilya, Marsha and Hatta, as the young servant boy, Martin, is stabbed by the fish-headed bishop. Completing a foul ritual, something called the Guest emerges from within him.

The group broke into a run, hoping to find sactuary in the garden, and even beyond, the forest. Though seemingly safe for now, they now wonder how they will find their way home. Thankfully, Archie seems to have transformed into a talking bipedal rabbit named Archibald. And he suggests there is a way to find safety, if they find a way to something called the Orb Loc.

(Card Castle scene edited from Tobie’s report.)

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